Stonepound Coffee

Responsible green coffee bean distribution.

Stonepound Coffee

Responsible green coffee bean distribution.


Agroforest grown, farm-direct coffee
from the Philippino Cordilleras.

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Farm-Direct & Sustainable Green Coffee

Interested in purchasing bulk green beans for your roastery or cafe? Need some mountain-grown Filipino coffee? Browse Stonepound Coffee available arabicas and robustas in our 2016 Green Bean Catalogue.

Mountain-Grown Coffee


Arabica stands as the staple of the plantation’s production and remains desired for its exquisite aroma and palpable aftertaste.


Strong and bold, our green robusta beans make excellent expresso blends with rich taste and deep flavours.

Wild Civet

Strong and smooth flavours combined with its bitter-free nature make wild-civet the rarest and most coveted coffee in the world.

Stonepound Coffee green beans are chemical-free and traded at a rates that exceed fair trade agreements.

Quality Coffee

100% chemical free; our coffee is grown within the Julia Campbell Agro-forest, a park which strictly prohibits the use of fertilizers and chemicals.

Agroforest Growth

Every bean is shade grown within the agro-forest, promoting mature ripening and the conservation of land—no trees are removed to make way for coffee plants.


Stonepound Coffee operations are carried forth directly through a local farming co-op, enabling us to maximize our support to the community through the sales of our products.